DKNTec design and manufacture thin film heater material that can be printed or applied directly onto a surface.

Transparent heaters

Transparent Heaters

Our innovative transparent heaters find application in markets such as automotive, military, outdoor display and security cameras.  Direct heating enables rapid and efficient removal of moisture and ice without compromising optical performance.

Thin Film Heaters

Our printed silver and carbon based heaters are routinely used in outdoor electronic control enclosures and displays, battery heaters, medical and military applications.  Our advanced heater designs ensure high durability when used in harsh environments.


DKNTec design and manufacture customised heater systems.  Our development activities are supported by our engineering team which includes CFD capabilities, electronic control system design and CAD development.  Our heaters are tested to exacting durability standards.

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DKNTec specialise in the design and development of thin film heaters. Combining advanced materials expertise and thermal management knowledge to bring you the latest innovations in thin film heater engineered solutions.