Transparent Heaters



Transparent Formulation

The advanced ink formulation can be printed onto transparent material such as plastic and glass with minimal effect on optical performance.


Adjustable Operation

Unique formulations are adjustable to meet heat performance requirements from -40℃ to +100℃ specifications.


For Non-Planar Surfaces

Non-planar heaters can be produced using proprietary processing technology.


Anti-Abrasion Layer

An anti-abrasion layer can be applied for harsh and hazardous environments to prevent damage. The extra layer can be enhanced to provide increased thermal conductivity or provide an anti-glare coating.


Global and Volume Supply

We supply our heaters globally from small sample quantities to high volume.

Technology and Applications

Height<0.02 - 0.1mm
Length20 - 200mm
Width20 - 200mm
Volts5 - 240V AC or DC
Temperature20 - 100 degreesC
AttachmentDirectly applied
Electrical ConnectionCustomer specific
Visual Light Transmission>95%
ApplicationAutomated Teller Machines, Military Displays, Automotive wing mirrors & headlamps, LCD display, Medical, Laboratory Equipment, Outdoor computers

Prototype Starter Kits

DKNTec provide prototype starter kits enabling evaluation of our transparent heater systems. We provide starter kits to a global customer base.

Product nameDimension (mm)TransparencySheet resistance (ohm Ω)VoltSafe maximum operating temperatureTypical time to reach max temperature
DKN-TH-100160 x 60>90%10-505-32 VDC50 degreesC60 seconds
DKN-TH-100260 x 60>95%>1005-32 VDC50 degreesC120 seconds

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